The Knight Perry

Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Publication Date: June 13, 2016

The print book and ebook are available on Amazon here.

The gypsy witch Tasaria and her tomboy daughter, Esperanza, travel around the non-magical realm on their caravan-turned-school-bus. When Esperanza’s non-magical father comes to collect her, however, she learns that her life as the untalented daughter of Tasaria was nothing compared to how much of an outsider she feels in the real world.

Years later, Esperanza finds out why her mother never came to visit, and she and her new friend Caspin travel to find Tasaria. Throughout their adventure, Esperanza struggles to save the lives of her friends, as well as figure out her true identity. But if she becomes the person she was meant to be, will Caspin accept the new Esperanza?

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