Caron High News

Republication Date: January 22, 2017
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Caron High News begins on the day of the first GSA, or Gay-Straight Alliance, meeting at Nissa Falenbach’s school. The club was started by Principal Perry to give Nissa a community after the school’s first hate crime that past summer, but unfortunately, no one shows up. As Nissa leaves school she sees Bethany, her former best friend and now popular girl, crying in the middle of the quad because she was just dumped by her boyfriend, Lenny, for not being sexually adventurous. The two agree on mutually advantageous terms: they will pretend to date until Lenny wants Bethany back, and in return, Bethany will draw ten new GSA members into their group.  But neither Nissa nor Audrey could have predicted what happens when Audrey, the school newspaper Editor-in-Chief, finds out about their deal.
Reviews of and Praise for Caron High News
“Caron High News is an enjoyable young adult read from freshman author Annabelle Jay.”
Kiersten Jane for QUEERcentric Books
“Review: Caron High News by Annabelle Jay” on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread (August 28, 2015)