New cover art!! 

I just got the cover art for Addis on the Inside, my first dystopia!! I LOVE how they’ve brought my vision of the dome to life.

Here’s more about the novella, which comes out early next year:

Jayla is the daughter of morphoid-addicted Addis, and like so many others, she’s been pulled away from her family and placed in a group home called NORCC—the New Orleans Rehabilitation Center for Children. Her parents and those like them are imprisoned in domes across the country… but maybe not for long. Jayla’s sister, Jo, arrives at the orphanage with news of a sinister plan. The Authority plans to gas the domes and kill those within.

Jayla and her crew of orphan girls—including love interests both old and new—are the only ones who can stop the Authority and save their people. But first, they must escape the NORCC. During their journey, several secrets come to light, including Jayla’s supernatural powers and the depths of the Authority’s depravity. But before she can face her enemies, she’ll have to confront the adversaries within herself.

In the meantime, check out my newest sci-fi book Jesse 2.0.

Three Weeks Until Jesse 2.0!

jesse-20As part of the countdown for Jesse 2.0’s July 10 release in three weeks, I’m giving away three copies of The Sun Dragon, the first book in the Sun Dragon Series! Comment below from now until the end of the day on June 26th with the title of your favorite sci-fi novel for a chance to win a signed copy mailed to your house (or, if you live outside the United States, an ebook copy). If you’ve already read The Sun Dragon, you can pick any other book from the series. Stay tuned for more giveaways!



Sun Dragon Book Review by Rainbow Books

Here’s an excerpt of a Sun Dragon book review by Serena Yates at Rainbow Books (read the whole thing here). SunDragon[The]FS

“The imaginative and exciting world of ‘The Sun Dragon’ pulled me in from the beginning. Other than the magical prologue that sets up the problem explored in this series, Allanah’s teenage world seems utterly “normal”, i.e., nonmagical at first. That doesn’t last very long though, and soon the revelations, threats, and unexpected events merge into an adventure of the best and most fantastical kind. Allanah’s journey of discovery of her abilities, her heritage, and the magical world that has been hidden for centuries is breathtaking. There are epic battles, magic to be learned and understood, and all kinds of exotic creatures to discover. I loved every minute of this first book and already look forward to reading the next book set in this world.”

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Interview and Giveaway on Prism Book Alliance!

Check out the interview I did for Prism Book Alliance here, and be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom! Just four days until Merlin’s Moon comes out!!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What do you want to tell those who may be new to the series (if applicable)?

The Sun Dragon Series is unique in that each book is the next generation. Mani is Allanah’s adopted son, and the book following this one, Starsong, follows the generation after him (that book is also in the future, so there’s a lot of science fiction mixed in with fantasy). Each book also has an LGBTQ+ main character.

What about Merlin’s Moon makes you the proudest?

I’m really proud of the way that Merlin’s Moon takes classic Arthurian characters like Merlin and Guinevere and uses them to tell a completely different story that weaves into the Sun Dragon Series narrative. Pieces of those legends come back throughout all the books after Merlin’s Moon, but they’re the focus of this book.

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