Two New Book Contracts with Harmony Ink!

I’m a little late in announcing this, but I recently signed two new book contracts with my wonderful publisher, Harmony Ink. For those who haven’t heard of them, Harmony Ink is a publisher of positive LGBTQ+ Teen and New Adult Fiction. I have LOVED working with them on my five book Sun Dragon Series, and now the fun will continue with two new books!

Jesse 2.0 (July/Aug 2018) is a science fiction novel inspired by the question “What would happen if dead people could be brought back to life?” That’s something bookworm Maddy Stone never thought she would need to answer; then she saves a drowning man at the psychiatric ward where she volunteers just to discover that he’s her ex-boyfriend, Jesse, who committed suicide several months before.

Addis on the Inside (Jan/Feb of 2019) is a dystopian novella about a society of morphoid-addicted people kept in domes–at least until the protagonist, Jayla, decides to take the Authority down.

I CANNOT WAIT to share these new books with you! In the meantime, books four and five of The Sun Dragon Series will also be published by Harmony Ink, so be on the lookout for those in July of this year and January of next year!


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