Sun Dragon Book Review by Rainbow Books

Here’s an excerpt of a Sun Dragon book review by Serena Yates at Rainbow Books (read the whole thing here). SunDragon[The]FS

“The imaginative and exciting world of ‘The Sun Dragon’ pulled me in from the beginning. Other than the magical prologue that sets up the problem explored in this series, Allanah’s teenage world seems utterly “normal”, i.e., nonmagical at first. That doesn’t last very long though, and soon the revelations, threats, and unexpected events merge into an adventure of the best and most fantastical kind. Allanah’s journey of discovery of her abilities, her heritage, and the magical world that has been hidden for centuries is breathtaking. There are epic battles, magic to be learned and understood, and all kinds of exotic creatures to discover. I loved every minute of this first book and already look forward to reading the next book set in this world.”

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